Medical Action Myanmar

Jenny Walton Masters Women’s Health Education Project

Individual health education session about family planning & pregnancies

I. Health education on the ground

Woman-friendly local staff are selected and trained as outreach workers and counsellors to connect with women living in the sub-urban, poor, overcrowded areas of Yangon to provide the following services:

Education on family planning and reproductive Health

Many women have more children than they can care for. This can lead to poverty and poor health of both mothers and children. Some women seek illegal abortions, which can result in infection and death. Our staff provides family planning consultations and anti-conception. Health education sessions also include information about the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Education on pregnancy Care

MAM provides pregnancy care and education for pregnant women including “DOs and DON’Ts in pregnancy” and danger signs. Women can receive free treatment or hospital support for safe delivery if needed. For HIV+ pregnant women, MAM provides services that can saves their lives and prevents HIV transmission to their babies.

Health Education session to high-risk women at the brothel

Education, HIV counselling, community-based HIV testing, and other services

MAM provides a broad package of HIV prevention and treatment activities, including health education and condom distribution to high-risk women, especially sex workers. Besides offering such services in dedicated sections of our clinics, our outreach staff visits these women in their places of work. Here they provide counselling, community based testing, and treatment for HIV and sexually transmitted infections. These activities benefit women with high-risk behaviour, their partners, their children, and also the general population.

II.    Health education through social media

MAM has set up a social media page (Facebook) for health education on women’s health with the name: She (health tips for ladies) to reach a broader range of women (599 to date).

We have one trained health educator who, with the support of a medical doctor, is consulting/educating women online.