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Medical Action Myanmar

The main goal of Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) is to improve access to quality health care in Myanmar targeting poor, marginalized and vulnerable people.
The initiative is from Dr Frank Smithuis and Dr Ni Ni Tun, who previously worked for Médécins sans Frontières Myanmar from 1994 to 2009. They are working with a team of very committed and experienced health professionals. In 2009 medical services were started in 1 clinic in Hlaingthayar, a peri-urban slum area of Yangon. Since then we expanded to 12 clinics across Myanmar providing a range of medical services for patients with HIV, TB, Hepatitis, Reproductive Tract Infections and Malnutrition, integrated in Basic Health Care services.
2100 community health workers provide medical services in remote areas.

Successful elimination of falciparum malaria following the introduction of communitybased health workers in Eastern Myanmar

The introduction of community health workers providing community-based malaria diagnosis and treatment and basic health care services in remote communities in Mon state was associated with a substantial reduction in malaria. Within 6 years, P. falciparum was eliminated and the incidence of P. vivax fell markedly.

COVID treatment

MAM supported treatment of over 2600 severely ill COVID patients together with Community Based Organisations in 18 treatment centres in Myanmar.
(picture; Kale CBO treatment centre in West Myanmar)

In this video we follow a Mobile medical team from Medical Action Myanmar on their way to villages in the Himalayan.
The entire walking trip will take 20 days.

Mobile medical team from MAM on their way to villages in the Himalayan.



MAM has twelve clinics across Myanmar. These clinics provide a mix of activities.

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Health Workers

MAM has trained a network of over 2100 Community Health Workers who provide community based health care, focusing on malaria, TB and basic health care in remote and hard-to-reach villages.

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In 2013 MAM and the Oxford university started the Myanmar Oxford Clinical Research Unit (MOCRU), which is led by professor Frank Smithuis.

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