Medical Action Myanmar


Cases of Rickets in northern Myanmar

In 2019 MAM mobile medical teams in Naga, a very remote region in the far North-West of Myanmar on the Indian border, identified 8 children with arm and leg deformities, bone pain and severe walking difficulties.
Some couldn’t walk at all.
Blood investigation and X-rays revealed that these children suffered from nutritional rickets with vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

Video of a child treated for Ricket
Children with Rickets before and after treatment

Treatment with vitamin D and calcium reduced the pain, improved mobility and reversed the bone deformities. 
X-rays and lab results also showed significant improvement. 
Since then MAM mobile medical teams and CHWs screened all 274 villages in Naga and provided vitamin D and calcium to 378 children who were identified with clinical rickets. 
Moreover, CHWs in other areas across the country started looking for this disease as well and identified and treated another 33 children with rickets in Kachin. 
Left untreated, the unnecessary suffering can be devastating for these children for the rest of their life.

Community health worker is giving information about Rickets to villagers.