Medical Action Myanmar


Clinical Research

by MAM and Oxford university

The Myanmar Oxford Clinical Research Unit (MOCRU) was established in 2013. MOCRU has a strong link with Medical Action Myanmar (MAM), a non-governmental organisation with a well-established infrastructure of 10 clinics and 2,000 village health workers spread across the poorest rural areas, which are a valuable resource for future research. The MOCRU admin staff and academic leadership share an office and logistical base in Yangon with MAM.

Research projects and publications

Children with Rickets

Case Report: Children with Severe Nutritional Rickets in the Naga Region in Northwest Myanmar
by Hein Aung, Kyaw Soe, Frank F Smithuis, Thomas Lamb, Moe Wint Aung, Frank M Smithuis
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2021

Rickets is an often-neglected, painful, and disabling childhood condition of impaired bone mineralization. In this case series we describe a cluster of 29 children with severe, painful bone deformities who live in the very remote region of Nagaland in northwest Myanmar...continue reading

Dr Nini Tun performing an LP in a patient with possible cryptococcus meningitis

Ambulatory induction phase treatment of cryptococcal meningitis in HIV integrated primary care clinics, Yangon, Myanmar.
by Warrell CE., Macrae C., McLean ARD., Wilkins E., Ashley EA., Smithuis F., Tun NN.
BMC Infectious Diseases (2021) 21:375

Background: Cryptococcal meningitis (CM) is a common HIV-associated opportunistic-infection worldwide. Existing literature focusses on hospital-based outcomes of induction treatment. This paper reviews outpatient management in integrated primary care clinics in Yangon....Read more

Ongoing research projects:

  • Determining predictors of mortality and loss to- follow-up in HIV clinics in Myanmar

  • A multi-centre observational study to describe the prevalence of scrub typhus defined as a positive rapid diagnostic test among selected patients presenting with fever to clinics in Myanmar

  • Environmental sampling and mapping of the geographic distribution of Burkholderia pseudomallei, the cause of melioidosis, in Myanmar

  • Cross-sectional study investigating the causes of pneumonia in two community clinics in two Yangon townships, Myanmar

  • Public engagement activities: Form theatre as a tool for public engagement on Fever and Antibiotic use in Myanmar

  • Studies of malaria treatment combinations (just finished TRAC II, preparing for DeTACT)

  • Determining the¬†factors associated with severe rickets in Nagaland, Northern Myanmar.

  • Determining the aetiology of fever and improved ways to manage fever in resource poor settings and in remote communities.

  • Malaria elimination strategies in hard to reach areas investigating a variety of community based strategies