Medical Action Myanmar

Violence in myanmar

The situation

in Myanmar

Medical Action Myanmar is deeply saddened and alarmed by the violence in Myanmar. We call for a respect for human life, an end to lethal force against unarmed people and unhindered access to health care for all, including for injured people.

We are also gravely concerned about the harassments faced by medical staff. It is their right and their duty, according to the Declaration of Geneva adopted by Myanmar universities and the Myanmar Medical Oath, to take care for the health and well-being of all patients.

The safety of patients and staff and access to our medical services in order to receive medical care for the most vulnerable people is an ongoing concern. We call for an end to violence and unimpeded access to humanitarian assistance for communities in need across Myanmar.

Medical Action Myanmar operates according to the following principles:

MAM is a medical organization. 

  • We do not make a distinction based on race, religion or political opinion. 

  • Access to health care for our patients is our first concern. 

MAM is neutral.

  • The organization does not take sides. During armed conflict we want to provide the best possible care for all victims.

  • The employees only work for the health of the people in need. They do not interfere with other matters, such as which party a victim may belong to.